Of the family, By the family, and For the family

The Family Beekeepers of Illinois was founded on the idea that the world of beekeeping should be available to everyone and that we can all learn from one another – no matter what our skill level, background, age, gender, ethnicity, or social status.  Being equals, we strive to treat one another with respect and kindness.

We are excited to help anyone learn about and participate in honeybee care and honey production.  Our monthly meetings always include timely and informative lectures and demonstrations designed to assist members in the pursuit of healthy pollinators and honey production.  We learn together as a family and value input from everyone.

  • Educational
  • Supportive
  • Family Oriented
  • Dedicated
  • Open to Everyone
  • Encouraging
  • Fun
  • Family Safe

Our Vision


We want to introduce, educate, mentor, and share experiences with everyone in the central Illinois area who has even the slightest interest in exploring the world of beekeeping, pollinators, and honey production.


Our long-range plans include programs that will reduce the overall investment for each member and allow lower income families to participate in the world of beekeeping.

The FBI was founded in late 2017 and became a 501(c)(3) educational organization in early 2018.


From the very beginning, we have developed a family-friendly club dedicated to teaching beekeeping all people from all walks of life

Our vision includes a permanent home for the FBI which will include a honey house, shared equipment, a dedicated teaching facility and a pollinator habitat.


Received 501(c)(3) Designation

Offering Certified Master Beekeeper Courses

Through The

Midwest Master Beekeeper Program.

and beyond…

Visit us at our next meeting to learn about our latest activities.

Our Leadership Team

Proud to serve you, feel free to contact any of the officers below for more information.

Kurt Longden


Dean Beck

Vice President

Lisa Agney


Nate Mcgrath


Kenna Bertoldo

Membership Director