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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                August 4th, 2022




The monthly meeting of Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on August 4th at the extension office in Taylorville, IL. Twenty people were in attendance.


The pledge of allegiance was led by president of the club Nate McGrath and the invocation was led by Bill Wilson.


Bill Wilson led a discussion on revisions to the Family Beekeeping constitution and by-laws. There were some changes proposed and those will be approved at September meeting.


The FBI will have a tent at the Illinois State Fair to continue our club’s mission statement which is to educate the public on the importance of bees in our world. Our thanks to Dean Beck who has constructed an observation hive to be displayed at this tent and future presentations. The schedule for the volunteers will be worked out soon.


Nominations were made for upcoming elections on certain officer’s positions. Nate McGrath will remaining club president, Patty Altman will remain secretary, Dean Beck has been nominated for Vice President and Miranda Smith has been nominated for club treasurer.


The FBI club has started a ‘Mentor on Wheels’ program. Volunteers travel to help new beekeepers with their hives. If you are interested in either having these mentors come to your place or bee a mentor yourself, please contact Nate Mcgrath.




Respectfully submitted,

Patty Altman, Secretary


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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                July 7th, 2022




The monthly meeting of Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on July 7 at the extension office in Taylorville, IL. Twenty-nine people were in attendance.


The pledge of allegiance was led by president Nate McGrath and the invocation was led by Bill Wilson.


Members introduced themselves to those new members in attendance.


Gary Letterly and Lynetta Armstrong from the Linda Kehias Farm and Arboretum in Pana gave a presentation about their organization and how they are working to be friendly to local pollinators. Members asked questions of the pair and discussion on how our two organizations can work together. VP Wayne Beck said we should be open to doing presentations on the property or other ways of working hand in hand. The group discussed pollinator friendly plants and the property itself.


Nate mentioned the opportunity for the club to be a partner with the Illinois Dept of Agriculture in the ag tent during this year’s state fair. He asked if there were any questions. He said they are working to solidify the final schedule. Bill mentioned a sign-up sheet and the club purchasing t-shirts for those volunteering at the fair.


Treasurer’s report was given by Bill Wilson. Accepted with a motion by Scott Carter and a second by Jeremy Christer.


Nate gave the news from the nominating committee when it met recently. Member Miranda Smith has accepted a nomination for treasurer and Dean Beck has agreed to be nominated for the vice president role. Nate stressed that any interested need to contact a board member because it is not too late to show interest.


President Nate McGrath the mentioned changes to the club by-laws and constitution are bring worked on by Bill Wilson. Wilson said all changes are to clarify certain items and those changes will be plainly and clearly marked for the membership to vote on them next month.


Nate then moved on to the Taylorville Chillifest discussion. It’s the first weekend in October and Bill noted that the club’s vendor sheet has already been turned in. Discussion and call for volunteers for a raffle committee began with Wayne Beck volunteering as well as Staci Christer and Katie and Nick Hackney.


Some discussion was held on how many members are impressed by the workmanship of bee equipment vendor Prairie Profile in Vandalia, Illinois. Scott Carter mentioned how good the slotted rack they make is.


Member Jeremy Christer spoke on how he recommends the Hive Live conference in Tennessee. It’s in January and he mentioned the activities and the prices of the event.


Motion to adjourn by Scott Carter and Paul Tilley.


Respectfully submitted,

Dean Beck, Acting Secretary

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                June 2nd, 2022




The monthly meeting of Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on June 2 nd at the extension office in Taylorville, IL. Seventeen people were in attendance.


The pledge of allegiance was led by vice president Wayne Beck and the invocation was led by Scott Carter.


A motion to approve the secretary’s minutes from last month’s meeting was made by Scott Carter and 2nd by Bill Wilson. The secretary’s minutes are emailed out to club members each month.


Vice president Wayne Beck updated the club on educational presentations: Joyce & Mike Dullenty gave a presentation at North school in Taylorville and they also hosted an activity at the extension office in Taylorville for the Master Gardner’s club. Wayne Beck along with Nate McGrath, the president for the FBI, gave a presentation at Memorial school in Taylorville. Scott Carter also gave two presentations, one for Garden club in Decatur and another in Shelbyville. The Cub Scouts while at the Boy Scout camp noticed the hives prompting Wayne Beck to give an impromptu presentation for 25 young folks! Thanks to all of you for working towards our club’s mission statement to educate the public on the importance of honey bees in our world.


Bill Wilson, Treasurer, updated club on the Treasury report. A motion to approve was made by Scott Carter and 2 nd by Patty Altman. Bill also encouraged anyone who places orders through Amazon to use the Amazon Smile button on the FBI’s website. By creating an account with Amazon Smile a portion of your purchase goes directly to the Family Beekeeper’s educational fund and doesn’t cost anything.


Keep in mind that volunteers are needed for the Chili fest held in Taylorville the first weekend of October.


Guest speaker David Dohm from Crossroads Beekeeping in Effingham gave an excellent presentation on beekeeping and queen management. Everyone enjoyed his presentation and we all learned some new techniques for keeping track of our hives.


Respectfully submitted,
Patty Altman, Secretary



July22 Treasurers report

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                May 5th, 2022




The monthly meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on May 5th at the extension office in Taylorville, Il. There were 33 members in attendance.


The pledge of allegiance was led by president, Nate McGrath. The invocation was led by Scott Carter.


There was an impromptu introduction of new members (which has been growing!) and existing members.


Thanks to all who participated in the Christian County Historical Society ‘Spring Back into History’.


Wayne Beck, vice president for the FBI reported on educational presentations for Central School in Taylorville. Thanks to Mike and Joyce Dullenty who stepped in for Jeremy Christer who has been presenting at Faith Bible Christian Academy. Mike and Joyce also did a presentation at North School in Taylorville on May 9th and another presentation is scheduled for May 14th at Memorial School. Decatur Garden Center had been unsuccessful at contacting any local beekeeping clubs in their area, so they have contacted the FBI to do a presentation for about 30 people. Wayne has been working with a ‘different kind of daycare’ whose educational teachings have the children outdoor a lot. Wayne also talked to Abraham Lincoln Council of Boy Scouts and is scheduling 2 summer presentations as well as the big one in October that the FBI participated in for the first-time last year. In total, with what has been scheduled, Wayne has made contact with close to 600 young people and their teachers! Thanks Wayne for all you do!


Bill Wilson, treasurer for the club, sent out the treasury report via e-mail, a motion to approve was made by Scott Carter and seconded by Jeremy Christer.


The Youth Scholarship pilot program is up and running with the help of the Kiwanis club of Taylorville.


The Board and members discussed the benefits of joining the Illinois State Beekeepers Association. The Board gave recommendations and called for a vote. Dean Beck made a motion to vote Scott Carter seconded and the vote passed. Family Beekeepers of Illinois will be joining the ISBA for an additional $10 a month. This membership is not mandatory, you can opt out if you choose.


Voting to change constitution and by-laws is coming up in August. Present constitution is outdated and needs updating. If you have any suggestions for example, the responsibility of the officers or any other details, submit to president, Nate McGrath, in writing with your name and phone number.


Jeremy Christer and Larry Roth presented information on hive inspections and the process of splitting hives. Thank you to both of them for their awesome presentations!


Motion to adjourn was made by Scott Carter and seconded by Bill Wilson.




Respectfully submitted,


Patty Altman, Secretary

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                April 7th, 2022


The monthly meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on April 7 at the Extension office in Taylorville. Thirty members were in attendance.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President of the club, Nate McGrath. The invocation was led by Bill Wilson.


Vice President Wayne Beck explained this month’s small giveaway raffle as well as the large raffle of a 10- frame top feeder.


Treasurer Bill Wilson’s report was next. Finances are good and we have collected all the money for the bee packages which will also be going out to Wilbanks. A club tent of good quality was mentioned and stressed because of its importance during the long Chilifest hours in summer.


The approval to purchase one was approved after Jeremy Christer moved and Butch Isaacs seconded. All members in attendance approved.


Nate made a callout for volunteers for the upcoming Christian County Historical Society “Spring Back Into History” event. It’s on Sunday, April 24 from 11:30am to 3pm.


Joyce Dullenty gave an update on a recent education presentation at a Nokomis grade school. Wayne Beck told the club about an upcoming education presentation to a class at Central School in Taylorville April 21. He asked for volunteers to help.


Nate told the club about the timeline for the youth beekeeper scholarship application process. He encouraged all members to see the application on the table after the meeting or to discuss it with him afterwards.


Nate and Bill Wilson discussed that the club bee packages would be picked up by them in Champaign on Saturday.


Andy O’Connell, Central Region Director for the Illinois State Beekeepers Association joined the meeting and discussed the advantages of the family beekeepers joining the ISBA, including having a say in state bee matters and promotion on the website and a presence at annual meetings. Scott Carter made a motion to join the ISBA and Bill Wilson motioned to table this issue until next month.


The club then had a roundtable “show and tell” activity with vintage and unique homemade beekeeping items.


Motion to close


Respectfully submitted,

Dean Beck, Temporary Secretary for April meeting

May2022 Treasurers report

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                March 3rd, 2022




The monthly meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on March 3rd at the Extension office in Taylorville. Twenty-nine members were in attendance.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President of the club, Nate McGrath. The invocation was led by Scott Carter.


There was no secretary report for last month; meeting was cancelled due to the weather.


In new business, the 1st of 2 sessions of beekeeping class was held on Feb 26th. Thanks to all who came out. Thanks to Dean for his presentation and thanks to Wayne for providing the refreshments.


The Christian County historical society is planning an event for April 24th and invited the FBI to participate with demonstrations or to sell honey. Coal mine museum in Taylorville will be having several demonstrations and there will be live music near the bee castle from 12-4. Need volunteers to help set up and tear down as well as to answer questions concerning bees.


Heartland Apicultural Society is planning an event in Evansville, IN. on Tuesday June 28th-July 1st Larry Roth, and Mike & Joyce Dullenty are planning to go, so contact them if you would like to go. For more info log on the heartlandbees.org


In other news, we need volunteers to form a committee to research and purchase an extractor for the club as well as a tent and tables for events such as the Taylorville chili fest. The club has been borrowing Bill Wilson’s so the club needs their own equipment for these events.


Scott Carter has asked for a committee to be formed to research varroa mites. So please contact Scott if you would like to volunteer for that committee. The club will be purchasing drone frames for that research.


President Nate McGrath has proposed a social event such as getting together for coffee on 2nd Saturday of each month for club members to get to know one another. First meeting will be March 19th.


Thanks to Scott Carter for his presentation on varroa mites.


Meeting adjourned via motion by Dean Beck and was seconded by Scott Carter.





Respectfully submitted,


Patty Altman, Secretary

April2022 Treasurers report

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                January 6th, 2022




Meeting was called to order by President Nate McGrath. There were twelve members present.

Attendees participated in Pledge of Allegiance and Bill Wilson gave the Invocation.




Bill Wilson, Treasurer, stated that anyone still needing to pay their membership dues can mail them to the PO Box #173, Taylorville, IL 62568-0173.


Bill Wilson, Treasurer, reported that the Club has a balance of $1,451.52.00 in the General Fund and $3,523.97 in the Educational Fund. It is thought that the General Revenue Fund has enough money in it to last all year for the type of purchases the fund is used. The President brought up that the Officers are looking at what type of educational items to purchase. Some items being considered are educational materials for handout and display at events. Another possibility is for the Club to purchase a couple of manual plastic portable extractors for new beekeepers to borrow. Members may let any Officer know of any other thoughts or ideas to use the Educational Fund this year.


Nate McGrath mentioned that the Club appreciates folks donating to the Educational Fund by using Amazon Smile.




Vice President Wayne Beck said the raffle winner was Katie King from Chatham. Katie chose to accept the rifle as her prize. Katie has agreed for the Club to post her picture accepting the prize on our website.




President McGrath stated that the FBI will follow applicable county COVID guidelines. Unless the requirement is to go to Video only meetings, the Club plans to meet in person at the Extension Office.




The Beginner Bee Class will be held Saturday, February 26th, and Saturday March 5th from 8am to 3pm. The price is $35 which includes the book First Lessons in Beekeeping from Dadant, a one-year membership in the FBI, breakfast, am snack, and lunch.


Sign-up information and social media images, text and flyer will be posted soon.


A curriculum with a handbook and PowerPoint presentation are in development. If presenters have some specific information they want added, they may contact an Officer.


At the fall Chillifest Event, 8 individuals signed up that they were interested in being contacted later about the Beginning Beekeeper class. President McGrath said he has contacted each of these individuals. Wayne Beck said there are some Scouts that expressed interest in attending the Class.


So far, presenters will be Scott Carter, Dean Beck, Wayne Beck, Larry Roth, Mike Dullenty, and Jeremy Christer. The Officers encourage others to come and help out with the classes.


Whether class attendees will be required to attend both days of classes in their entirety was discussed. It was decided to encourage people to attend the as many sessions as possible. Dave Thomas said he hopes to video the classes so the videos can be watched later.


ISBA (Illinois State Beekeepers Association) AFFILIATION:


The FBI is pursuing ISBA affiliation. One of the benefits of the club becoming a member is that the ISBA maintains a website that Clubs can post their events on. Another benefit of joining is to be more current on State apiary-related information. The Officers will pursue more information.


Scott Carter informed us of the death of Danny Wright who worked full-time for the State if Illinois Dept. of Agriculture for approximately 40 years as well as keeping hives of his own. Some years he had up to 500 hives of his own. Danny started his Beekeeping journey through his high school FFA. Danny was an asset to the bee community helping others. Our club gave a memorial donation to FFA Club.


Ordering Packages of Bees through the Club:


Soon we will be sending out information on how to place your order for bee packages from Wilbanks Apiaries. We have ordered from them for the past two years and have been very pleased with the results. Ordering through the club gets you a discount on the bee packages. Usually, we receive the bee packages around the middle of April, but the exact date depends on our spring weather and supply and demand. It is not necessary to pay for your bee packages when you complete the form.


Educational Presentation of Morgan and Phil Hampton:


Morgan decided to use beekeeping as her high school FFA project. Our club assisted Morgan in starting beekeeping. Morgan had a schedule conflict tonight so, her father Phil presented a slide show report. Their philosophy was natural beekeeping — guide the bees, but let the bees do what they want. It was a very interesting report. Phil gave permission to send their slides to our website.


Monthly Drawing:


Roger Shoemaker won the drawing.




Scott Carter motioned to adjourn and Roger Shoemaker seconded the motion.





Respectfully submitted,


Joan Wilson

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                November 4th, 2021




The monthly meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on November 4th at the Illinois Extension office in Taylorville. Twenty nine members were in attendance.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President of the club, Nate McGrath. The invocation was led by club Treasurer, Bill Wilson.


The secretary’s report was approved after a motion by Paul Tilly and seconded by Kathy Carter.


Vice President of the club, Wayne Beck, reported on his continued work with the Scouts Council and recent educational presentation, which Nate McGrath assisted with. Wayne said there were 8 or 9 stations to visit and out of 120 people in attendance, 81 of them stopped by the FBI station which is geared towards educating our youth on the importance of bees and their vital role they play in our survival.


Wayne also reported that the raffle ticket sales are going good. Total exceeds the amount spent…yay! There is still time to sell more tickets, but all are due in at our next meeting in December. Thanks to Wayne for all his hard work on the raffle.


The monthly raffle which members can enter for one dollar and have a chance to win either the total collected or small prizes that have been donated, was won this month by Bill Wilson.


Bill Wilson, Treasurer of the club reported on our General revenue and educational funds and mentioned there will be some expenditures to vote on in the next few months. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Scott Carter and seconded by Paul Tilly.


Old business by Nate McGrath reported on equipment storage for the club. He received the key from Linda at the Extension center for the shed located in corner of parking lot. We can use this shed to store club equipment or even hold workshops. So if you have any club equipment, please locate and return so we can get it inventoried. We will start a sign out sheet once all equipment has been returned. Beginner beekeeper class needs to be scheduled soon. Perhaps class can be in January so people can get their equipment together as well as bee packages. Classes will be in person and will be recorded by Dave Thomas in case someone is not comfortable with in person classes. These classes will be advertised on Facebook and other free media outlets.


New business includes a possible holiday party for the club. Nate will send out an email to members to get opinions on whether or not we want to do this. Spring bee packages will be ordered for club members so if interested talk to Nate or Bill.


In more new business, Nate submitted a grant that Taylorville Kiwanis club was offering and the club has been awarded with a grant of $600.00 for youth beekeeping program. Thanks Nate!


Educational topic included Mike and Joyce Dullenty’s experience with their entry at Illinois State Fair. Joyce discussed processing and displaying honey for the competition. She explained how time consuming it was and suggested if anyone is interested in entering the competition to START EARLY!


The meeting adjourned via a motion by Dean Beck and seconded by Joyce Dullenty.







Respectfully submitted,

Patty Altman, Secretary

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                October 5th, 2021




The regular meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held on October 7th at the IllinoisExtension office in Taylorville. Nineteen members were in attendance.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Nate McGrath, President. The invocation was led byWayne Beck, Vice President.


Nate said the treasurer’s report would have to be tabled until the next month’s meeting due to atechnical glitch with it being sent out. The next meeting will have discussion on both months’treasurer reports.


The secretary’s report was approved after a motion by Dean Beck and seconded by Scott Carter.


Wayne Beck presented the Vice President’s report. He mentioned that he recently instructed ascouts education program on bees with another to follow. He said they are going well andcontinuing the relationship with the Abraham Lincoln scouts organization.


Wayne also talked about how members need to get their rifle/scheels raffle tickets for him soon.We only have the November meeting next and the winner will be pulled at December’s meeting.


Wayne also mentioned the monthly raffle drawing for various small beekeeping equipment.Members enter a dollar and have a chance to win at the end of the meeting.


Old business report by Nate McGrath. He reported on the FBI attending as a vendor during therecent Christian Co. Historical Society Event. He thanked Scott and Cathy Carter for donating agallon of honey to the historical society to raffle during their pie action. Nate said he is followingup with officials concerning the next historical society event this year.


In more old business, Nate reported on the FBI attending the Taylorville Chillifest as a vendor.Nate shared two photos taken during the event of children looking at an observation hive.


Bill added that almost $700 in club members’ donated honey was sold during the two-day event.These funds go towards the club. Nate thanked Wayne, Dean, Bill, Patty, Scott, Cathy, and Pamfor volunteering their time during Chillifest. He also thanked Jeremy Christer, Wayne and DeanBeck, the Tilleys, Patty, Bill, and the Carters for donating honey to sell as well. Nate thanked Billfor the use of the tent. Nate also thanked Wayne and Dean Beck for the huge amount of honeycandy they donated which the club sold and which is always a hit with the kids.


In new club business, Nate discussed that the club has been in need of an equipment storagefacility. He said that through Wayne, the ownership of the building has offered space in theirstorage facility behind the extension center.


The club will now store equipment at the extension center after a motion by Dean Beck andseconded by Jeremy Christer.


Nate said the extension center building board wanted a representative from the club on theirboard. He said it should be Wayne because of his relationship with them already. Nate alsodiscussed how a sign-out sheet will be used going forward when the equipment gets stored inthe new facility.


Also in new business, Nate said dates need to be finalized for the beginner beekeeping classaround January 2022. He said if any members would like to volunteer for a specific subject nowthat they can let a board member know. He used Scott Carter volunteering for the topic of pestmanagement due to his interest and that it is his Masters Beekeeping major.


During the education topic of the night, member Larry Roth presented on honeycomb productionvia the shook swarm method. Larry had many pieces of equipment to show and demonstrate.


The meeting adjourned via a motion by Dave Thomas and seconded by Joyce Dullenty.







Respectfully submitted,

Patty Altman, Secretary

Nov2021 Treasurers report

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                    Family Beekeepers of Illinois
                                September 2nd, 2021




The regular meeting of the Family Beekeepers of Illinois was held at the at the Illinois Extension office in Taylorville. 24 members were attendance.


The Pledge of allegiance and prayer was led by Scott Carter, President. A motion was made by Cathy Carter to accept the treasurer’s report which was seconded by Fred Vangeison with members voting to approve.


The secretaries report was approved after a motion by Nate McGrath and seconded by Darren Ryan.


Old business a report by Wayne Beck, Vice President on the fund raising raffle. He reports we have met our expenses. We will a monthly drawing at our meetings. Members can donate $1 for a chance to select a beekeeping item or take the pot.


Wayne discussed the education program for the Abraham Lincoln Boy Scouts 2 months ago. In October the Scouts are having a Fall Family Festival. New business includes Prairie Days on September 12 at the Historical Society in Taylorville. Members are encouraged to attend and may sell their honey. The Chilifest will be 10/2/2021 on the square in Taylorville. Paperwork and fees have been submitted.


Discussion on State Fair entries and results followed. Scott recommended members follow Bob Binney regarding OA treatments. Scott brought a vertical queen excluder for us to consider.


Elections followed using the established guidelines. Members were asked 3 times if anyone else had nominations before each vote. Officers elected were as follows:

President: Nate McGrath

Vice President: Wayne Beck

Secretary: Patty Altman

Membership Director: Butch Isaacs

Treasurer: Bill Wilson.


The meeting adjourned Fred Vangeison and seconded by Dave Thomas.




Respectfully submitted,

Patty Altman, Secretary